Birthday: March 21, 1999 Sponsorship #: 2020-00-080M

Gaby is twenty-one years old and lives in Galette Chambon with his parents, four sisters, and three brothers. His father is a farmer in the village, and his mother takes vegetables to market to sell to support the family. They work very hard, but they do not make enough money to support the family and send all of their children to school. They are very thankful that BGM has a sponsorship program so that their children can go to school and learn and eat a hot meal while there. Gaby is a “senior” this year at BGM High School. He has worked very hard to make it this far in school, but it is very expensive and his parents cannot afford to pay for it. He wants very much to graduate high school so that he can have hope of making his dream of becoming a doctor come true. He wants to be able to support his family as well as help people who are sick. Gaby’s favorite subject in school is Chemistry, and when he is not in school, he enjoys helping his father in the field. He loves to work and he loves to go to school. His principal has allowed his to start school this year in hopes of finding a sponsor. If he doesn’t find a sponsor by Christmas, he will have to drop out.