Birthday: March 3, 2015 Sponsorship #: 2020-00-078S

Woodina is in K3 at BGM’s Maranatha School. She lives with her mother, father, three sisters and ten brothers in the village of Galette Chambon. Her parents try to work as sharecroppers on a local farm, but they do not make enough money to support sixteen people. Woodina and her siblings know what it means to go hungry. There are many weeks when Woodina and her siblings have to take turns eating at night. This is why we have been trying to get as many of the children in the family as possible sponsored so that they can at least get a chance to eat while at school. Unfortunately, this story is repeated over and over again with families throughout Galette Chambon. This agriculture community has been stuck in a cycle of poverty for decades because of the lack of opportunities for income and education. God is changing the story, however, through programs like BGM’s Sponsorship programs because as more and more children have an opportunity to become educated and nourished, they will begin to rise out of the poverty and find more and more ways to support their families. We are thankful for this vision. Woodina enjoys studying her school lessons, praying, going to church with her family, doing house work, and playing with friends. Her favorite subject in school is mathematics and when she grows up, she would like to become a doctor.