Birthday: February 7, 2005 Sponsorship #: 2020-00-066M

Rosedalie is an 8th grader at BGM High School. She lives with her parents, five sisters, and two brothers in the village of Placement near Galette Chambon. Her parents do not have a dependable source of income, so they struggle to provide for their family. Sometimes they are able to get a little bit of share cropping work in a local garden, but that is not dependable income. One of their daughters and one of their sons has been able to find work in the DR, and they sometimes are able to send money home to provide for the family, but it is not a steady source of support. Rosedalie is happy that she has been able to go to school, but she never knows if she is going to be able to go from year to year. She has big dreams though, so she has faith that God will continue to provide. When she is not in school, she loves doing her homework, and her favorite subject is Spanish. She enjoys practicing her Spanish with her older brother and sister who live in the DR. When she grows up, she wants to be a doctor and serve in the hospital near the border of the DR and Haiti so that she can help people in both countries.