Birthday: November 29, 2016 Sponsorship #: 2020-00-060HC

Moise¬†is a four year old in K2 at BGM’s Primary School. Moise was actually born at Hope Center four years ago, and now he is in school at BGM school! His mother says that she is so thankful for all that But God Ministries has done to help their family. He lives with his mother, father, two sisters, and seven brothers. Their family has been blessed by God in many ways through BGM. His mother has been a very active member of the Hope Center church for six years now, attending Ladies Bible Study and participating in the ladies ensemble. His father was saved last year at church and was baptized, and BGM built them a house two years ago! Almost all of his siblings have been sponsored through the BGM sponsor program, and just recently his mother was hired as a cook at BGM Primary! Although it is great that they now have a steady income because of his mother’s job, she doesn’t really make enough money to support a family of twelve. It is so helpful that most of the children are sponsored, and they all get to eat at school, but they still struggle to make ends meet. It would be so helpful if Moise were to find a sponsor. Moise enjoys singing, counting and playing with his friends. He doesn’t know what he wants to be when he grows up, but he thinks it would be cool to learn how to drive a tractor or a big truck.