Birthday: February 27, 2002 Sponsorship #: 2020-00-055M

Lucson is a 9th grader at our BGM High School. He is an eighteen year old boy who lives in Place Charles. He is behind in school because his family is not always able to afford to send him to school. He has always had a lot of responsibilities around the house. One of his main jobs is to help his father in their garden.  Before school, he puts on work clothes and sets out to help his father harvest the crops to take to market. This has provided a decent income for the family as long as they don’t experience drought or a hurricane. Unfortunately, drought and flooding from hurricanes destroy the garden frenquently, making it difficult for their family to make ends meet.  Lucson has two sisters and one brother who help their mom around the house while the men are out working. One of his sisters has a sponsor and the other one is not in school. His brother is not in school either. He really hopes to be a doctor someday, so that he can help provide for his family without being so dependent on farming.