Birthday: March 13, 2003  Sponsorship #: 2020-00-049M

Jude is an 11th grader at our BGM High School. He lives with his grand mother, sister, and three brothers in the village of Dalgros. He walks three hours to school every day with other kids who go to BGM High School from his village. Jude has been living with his grandmother ever since he was eight years old when both of his parents moved to Brazil to find work. The plan was for them to find jobs and send money home to help support their children. However, after about a year after his parents moved, they stopped hearing from them and the children and their grandmother have been on their own. His grandmother works as a share cropper on a local farm. Her job is to plant seeds and then after harvest, she is allowed to take some of the produce to sell at market. Jude and his brothers also try to help with the farming to support the family, but they don’t really make enough to support a family of six. This is why Jude works so hard in school. He wants to work his way out of this life of poverty that his siblings and grandmother are in. He has vowed never to leave them, but rather work hard to become a doctor and work to help his fellow Haitians while supporting his family. His favorite subjects in school are English and Spanish and he loves to study and do his homework. He prays often that one day God will move someone to help him with his school.