Birthday: April 13, 2009  Sponsorship #: 2020-00-046HC

Jeanty is a 2nd grader at BGM Primary School. He is an only child who lives with his mother in the village of Cargo. His mother has no source of income, so they rely heavily on his uncle that lives near them for support. His uncle does a little farming and has children of his own to support, so he is not able to help pay for Jeanty to go to school. This is why Jeanty is behind in school. Before his father died three years ago, Jeanty was going to school. He loved school and made really good grades. After his dad died, his mother became very depressed and she didn’t let Jeanty go to school anymore. He stayed with her at the house and tried to help her take care of things as much as he could. Now that BGM has built a primary school, Jeanty has new hope for continuing with school. His favorite subject is mathematics and one day he wants to own his own grocery store in town. He thinks that would make his mother proud and it would give her something to do that would encourage her. Jeanty enjoys being an encouragement to everyone he knows and it makes him sad when his mother is depressed. He wants to give her hope by seeing that he has hope for a future.