Birthday: September 20, 2008 Sponsorship #: 2020-00-045SM

Jean Picly (pronounced “Jon Pikly”) is a sixth grader at our BGM’s Maranatha School. He is eleven years old and lives in Galette Chambon with his parents, two sisters, and three brothers. His parents do not have a dependable source of income. His father does know how to work on vehicles, but not many people in his village even have a vehicle, so he doesn’t have work on a regular basis. This makes it very difficult to support the family, so the parents would really love for their children to all have sponsors for school. Two of Jean Picly’s brothers and one of his sisters have sponsors, so that is very helpful. They love the fact that their children are getting a good education and are eating a hot meal every day at school. They pray for BGM and are thankful for the difference they have made in their village. Jean Picly enjoys playing with his friends, playing soccer, and studying his lessons. When he grows up, he wants to be a mechanic that works on generators.