Birthday: JULY 17, 2003  Sponsorship #: 2020-00-035M

Esther is a 9th grader at our BGM High School. Her father is a local pastor and her mother stays home and takes care of the children. She has a little brother and two younger sisters. All of her other siblings are sponsored. Her family recently received a new house from a generous donor in the US. They are so very thankful that they no longer have to live in the little tin shack that they were living in. Her father does not make much money at all. The church cannot afford to pay him a salary. He simply trusts God to take care of his family. He is so very thankful that sponsors have helped him send his other children to school, but he would love to know that his oldest daughter could go to school and it not put such a strain on the family budget. Esther would also love to have a sponsor just to know that someone in the states is praying for her and loves her like her siblings. Esther wants to become a teacher or a cook when she grows up.