Birthday: July 10, 2008 Sponsorshp #: 2020-00-023M

Chanelson is a 7th grader at our BGM High School. He lives in the village of Dalgro and he walks several hours to school each day with a group of kids from his village who all go to BGM High School. He is thankful for BGM High School because he is able to get a good education and hopefully one day a sponsor to help him pay for it. He lives with his godmother along with three sisters and four brothers. His parents left to go try to find work in Brazil several years ago, but they have not been able to find a source of income yet. His godmother tries to support the family by selling items at market, but she has a really hard time making enough money to feed all of the children much less pay for their school. Chanelson also tries to help the family by working in a garden in the mornings before he goes to school in the afternoon. Chanelson is very smart. He loves learning English and one day he wants to become a doctor.