Birthday: August 25, 2012 Sponsorship #: 2019-00-058S

Wislande¬†is a happy little eight year old girl from the village of Place Charles in Galette Chambon. She lives with her mother and brother. Her mother works in a local garden to try to make money to support the family, but she doesn’t make much. Wislande loves cleaning. Sometimes she helps her mother make a little money by cleaning houses, but she she does this, she gets a little sad because she sees other children playing outside and she wants to be able to play too, but she can’t because she has to help her mother make money. Wislande prays every day that she will find a sponsor so that her mother doesn’t have to work so hard to pay for her school and so that she and her brother can eat at school because that would take a lot of pressure of her mother. She and her brother could even save a little of their food each day to take home to their mother. When Wislande grows up, she wants to become a nurse.