Birthday: October 12, 2008 Sponsorship #: 2019-00-060S


Dadimy is an energetic sixteen year old who lives with his mother, father, two sisters, and four brothers in the village of Dalgros in Galette Chambon. His parents work a local garden and sell the produce in Croix des Bouquet market. His father also raises goats and sells them at the market sometimes. They don’t make much money, especially not enough money to take care of a family of eight. Several of Dadymy’s siblings do have sponsors, but it would just take a huge burden off his parents if more of them had sponsors. When Dadymy is not in school, he enjoys studying, sleeping, eating, and bathing. His favorite subject in school is mathematics, and when he grows up, he wants to become a chef and own his own restaurant because he loves to eat and he thinks it would be fun for people to enjoy eating food he has cooked.