Birthday: June 3, 2007 Sponsorship #: 2019-00-045HC

Blandia is a precious twelve year old who Is new to the village of Hope Center in Galette Chambon. She lives with her aunt and uncle and she has one sister. She was living with her mom and grandmother in Port au Prince but the area where they live is very dangerous and the living conditions are bad. After coming to visit her uncle in Galette Chambon, she begged her mother to let her go live with him and let her go to school at the new school. They agreed to let her go, but taking on a new family member in a house that is already pretty full, can become pretty expensive. Blandia is hopeful that she will get a sponsor so that she does not feel like she is too much of a burden on her uncle. She has met lots of friends that she loves and she is so very excited about going to the new school. In her free time, Blandia enjoys playing Hide and Go Seek with her friends as well as jumping rope. Her favorite subject is mathematics. When she grows up, she wants to become a nurse.