Birthday: 4 March 2014 Sponsorship #: 2019-00-037S

Youvens is a happy little five year old who lives in Galette Chambon with his mother, grandmother, sister and two cousins. His two older cousins and older sister are sponsored. His mother became very sick after he was born and his grandmother had to sell her business in order to help pay the bills from his mother’s illness. Youvens was old enough to start school two years ago, but after his mom got sick, they just couldn’t afford to pay for it. The only reason his sister and cousins got to continue school was because they had sponsors. Last year, the director of Maranatha school let him start school with the understanding that he could pay for it by December. However, December came and went and the family still didn’t have the money. Youvens had to return to his house, very sad because he couldn’t continue school. Youvens wished soooo much that he could have a sponsor too because he wanted to continue school! The family now has no income and no way to making money to pay for school. Grandma spends all of her time taking care of his mother. They only get to eat when they have friends or other family that bring them food. Youvens loved school the few months he went because when he was at school, he ate every day. Now, he only eats when his sister sometimes takes a little bowl to school to bring a little food home to him. He never knows when he will get food or not. He prays every day that someone will sponsor him so that he can go back to school and so that he won’t have to go hungry anymore. He keeps his smile on because he knows that God will provide a way for him to go back to school one day.