Birthday: February 27, 2006 Sponsorship #: 2019-00-027HCM

Woodnor is a kind and loving thirteen year old from the village of Plasman near Galette Chambon. He lives with his mother, one sister, and three brothers. His mother does not have any source of income. His grandfather has paid for his school in the past, but this year his grandfather is very, very sick and they have spent all of the money they have on his medicine and hospital stays. The principal of the school doesn’t want Woodnor to get any farther behind than he already is, so he has agreed to allow Woodnor to go to school this year hoping to find a sponsor before the year is over. The reason Woodnor is three years behind in school is because he was not able to afford to go to school until he was nine. He started school at nine years old and in the first grade. He already knew how to write his name and read a little because his older brother taught him. He worked hard that first year and finished first in his class. Each year since then, he has either been first or second in his class. He is so smart, and he is so afraid he won’t be able to continue school. But he keeps praying that he will find a sponsor this year so that he can continue on without worrying about wether or not he can continue. He also doesn’t want his grandfather or mother to worry either. His favorite subject is mathematics and when he grows up, he wants to become a construction engineer so he can build houses. He says the first house he will build is a new house for his mother.