Birthday: February 23, 2001 Sponsorship #: 2017-00-080M

Roseline is a very special young lady that goes to our BGM High School. She comes from a family of two sisters and seven brothers who all live with their mother in a house that BGM recently built for them. At one time, they lived with their father who was a voodoo priest. However, after her mother became a Christian, her mother decided that she could no longer raise her children in the voodoo environment, so she asked her husband to let them live somewhere else. For a while, they lived in a one room, dark and dirty, mud house, but after BGM agreed to build them a house, they now live in a beautiful two room, concrete house next to their friend Lodani. Roseline says that God completely changed her life after her mother became a Christian. She respects her mother for having the courage to confront her father and ask for permission to leave. She loves her new life in the village. Her mother tries to sell things in the market to support her family, but it isn’t enough. All of her children are sponsored in school except her youngest, Junia and her oldest, Roseline. Roseline hopes to get a sponsor so that some of the pressure of school fees will be lifted from her mother. Roseline loves to help her mother at home with the kids, go to church with her family, study her lessons in school, and practice speaking Spanish which is her favorite subject. Roseline hopes to one day become a nurse so that she can help people when they are sick.