Birthday: December 6, 2008 Sponsorship #: 2019-00-022HC

Roseberline is a bright and happy eleven year old who recently moved to the village of Hope Center. She is eleven years old and in the 5th grade. She has one older sister and two older brothers. She used to live in Port au Prince, but now she lives with her aunt Lusanne and cousin where she loves to help make Moringa soap. She thinks it is so neat that her aunt knows how to make soap! She also loves to clean house and play with her friends and cousin. She recently came to live in the village when her aunt rescued her from a difficult situation at home. Her father died four years ago, and her mother started selling things in the big market in Port au Prince to support her family. She couldn’t afford to go to school, so this left Roseberline at home for long periods of time with no supervision. She recently had a very traumatic experience when a man broke into their little rented room and stole everything they had. It scared Roseberline very much. It was at this time that her aunt begged Roseberline’s mom to let her come live in Hope Center village where she could go to an affordable school and be safe. Her mother hated to let her go, but she knew this was what would be best for her. Roseberline is so excited to be able to start back to school! Her favorite subject in school is mathematics and Creole and she wants to be a gardener when she grows up so that she can sell her vegetables at market. She also hopes to carry on the business of soap making and hopefully support herself and her mom.