Birthday: July 18, 2011 Sponsorship #: 2019-00-023JHC

Reginald is a bright little thirteen year old who has recently registered for the sixth grade at our BGM Primary school. He is two years behind because he and his brothers all take turns going to school. He has five brothers and he lives with his parents who work sometimes as share croppers on a local farm, but the little money they make is not year round and it does not last throughout the year to support their family. The family lives in the village of Gwo Balanse in a family compound of aunts and uncles and cousins who all try to support one another. Reginald loves school because he loves to learn and he hopes to be a professor one day so that he can keep learning, and he can teach children in the village his favorite subject which is mathematics. Reginald loves to play soccer with friends and throw rocks at mangoes in the trees to make them fall to the ground. When he hits a mango and it falls to the ground, he shares with his little brothers and they enjoy a yummy treat. After that, they all go to the local stream to bathe because the mango juice gets all over them and makes them sticky. He loves his little village in Haiti because it is beautiful and safe and has plenty of places to explore. Reginald has big dreams, but he is so afraid that he won’t be able to accomplish them. He knows that if he finds a sponsor, he can continue on in school without interruption and then can one day help kids like him in the village grow up and learn and follow their dreams too.