Birthday: January 20, 2010 Sponsorship #: 2019-00-025HC

Darlin¬†is a fun-loving nine year old who is so excited about attending the new BGM Primary school in Galette Chambon! He recently moved to the village of Hope Center to live with his aunt and uncle who are leaders in the community. His uncle was one of the first people to move to Hope Center and Darlin is thankful that his uncle allowed him to come live with them so that he can go to school. Darlin is originally from Port au Prince where his mother and father are trying to raise six girls and six boys who are between the ages of three and twenty. His father lost a leg in the earthquake and has not been able to work since then. His mother struggles with depression and headaches, so she doesn’t work consistently either. It has just become too much for the couple to handle to try to send all of their children to school. Darlin is nine years old and entering the second grade because his parents just have not been able to afford to send him to school. After missing two years of school, Darlin begged his parents to let him come live with his uncle so he could have a better chance of going to school. He wants to be a construction worker that operates tractors and backloaders one day, but to learn to do that, one has to go to a professional school. In order to qualify for a professional school, one has to have a high school diploma. Darlin is determined to make his dreams come true, and that is why he decided to take the risk of asking his parents to let him come live in the village of Hope Center. He looks forward to meeting new friends and going to the new school. He loves the village so far, and his favorite thing to do is play soccer on the village dirt field with all of the other guys in the village. He loves living here because everyone is so friendly and they help one another out. He thinks things are beginning to look up for him, and he is thankful for this chance to have a better life.