Birthday: 14 January 2008 Sponsorship #: 2019-00-036HC

Cherlie is new to the village this year. She is eleven years old, and she lives with her aunt. Cherlie came to live with her aunt for two reasons. One, she wanted to be able to go to school, and two, she wanted to help her aunt with the twins she just gave birth to. Cherlie has grown up in the tiny mountain village of Bel Fontaine, but she has struggled to be able to go to school. She was being raised by her grandmother after her parents abandoned her and moved to Brazil. She has not spoken with her parents since the left her when she was three years old. Her grandmother has tried to save up a little money each year to pay for Cherlie’s school, but now Cherlie is eleven and in the third grade and she just feels like she is getting farther and farther behind. Cherlie’s aunt just gave birth to twins, so Cherlie came up with the idea herself that she could go help her aunt Fania with the twins and also maybe find a sponsor to go to school at the new BGM school. Her grandmother agreed to let her go, so Cherlie moved to Hope Center village over the summer. Her aunt doesn’t have the money to pay for Cherlie’s school, but they are praying daily that Cherlie finds a sponsor. They trust in God for His provision as they do what they feel He is guiding them to do. Cherlie loves to clean house and wash clothes. She loves her country because it’s all she has ever known and it is beautiful. She wants to be a vendor and cook when she grows up.