Birthday: February 14, 2010 Sponsorship #: 2019-00-021HC

Mélina is a timid and loving nine year old who recently moved to Hope Center village to live with her aunt and uncle. She was born only a month after the great earthquake of 2010. Her mother barely escaped the catastrophic event with her life, but it left her depressed and living in a dirty tent in the middle of a tent city. Mélina has spent the last nine years living in random places with her mother, both of them struggling to survive. She has missed the last two years of school because her mother just could no longer afford to feed them and pay school tuition in the city as well. This year, she felt like it would be best for Mèlina to come live with her aunt and uncle and try to find a sponsor for school in the BGM school. She is praying that she finds a sponsor because she doesn’t want to have to depend on her aunt and uncle for everything. They have a hard enough time supporting their own children. However, Mèlina is very excited about being able to get back into school and find new friends in a safe and consistent living environment. With her spare time, she loves to work around the house and she loves gardening. She looks forward to planting flowers around her aunt’s house! She also loves to learn and study her lessons in school. She hopes to become a professor and teach children in school one day. Her favorite thing about Haiti is the beautiful village that she now calls home. She loves the trees and flowers that grow on the mountains. She feels so blessed to be getting this chance at a better life.