Birthday: January 26, 2016 Sponsorship #: 2019-00-033HC

Wislinder I. is a precious little four year old who is so excited about starting school this year!! He lives with his mother, father, sister, two brothers, and LOTS of cousins in a village called Plachal in Galette Chambon. His mother is a vendor and his father works gardens in the area as a sharecropper. His aunt and uncle moved to Brazil a few years ago to try to find jobs so they can help provide for the family. He and his family live in a new house that was built by BGM and given to them last year. He LOVES his new home and he is soooo excited about going to the new school. He enjoys playing soccer with friends, going to church with his family, sleeping, eating, and looking at his big brothers’ school books. He can’t wait until the day he can read his own books! What he looks forward to most in school is coloring with crayons. What he loves most about his village in Haiti is his church and the clinic that BGM has to help people get well. He loves Mama Mickie and Papa Tony so much. When he grows up he wants to learn to drive a truck and transport big rocks for construction.