Birthday: January 12, 2012 Sponsorship #: 2019-00-032HC

Mariana A. is a quiet, yet spunky little seven year old who comes from a big family! She lives in the village of Plachal with her aunt and uncle, two sisters, three brothers, and numerous cousins. They all live in a house built buy BGM and given to their family two years ago. Her uncle became a Christian not long after they received their house. Her parents live in Brazil and try to find work there to send money to the family to provide for everyone. Her favorite things to do are play with her cousins, study their books that they bring home from school, eat, go to church with her family, and work around the house. She has never been able to go to school yet because it has not been her turn yet, but she is hoping that this year she can start. She did not want to be behind in school though, so she gets her siblings’ and cousins’ books and studies them when they get home from school. Her sisters have taught her how to read and she is eager to have a teacher of her own because she wants to show her teacher how smart she is! Most of her siblings and cousins are sponsored and she hopes that this year she will find a sponsor too!! She prays for that every day! When asked what she loves about her country, she said she loves EVERYTHING about her country!!