Birthday: November 19, 2011 Sponsorship #: 2019-00-019HC

Vanessa is a bright and loving eight year old who lives with her mom on the hill behind Hope Center. She loves to play with her cousins who live next to her and other friends that she has made while living in Galette Chambon. Vanessa moved to Hope Center in 2013 when she was only three years old. Her mom had been living in the tent city  and was pregnant with Vanessa when the earthquake hit. She was left with nowhere to live, so her mom moved into a tent city with other family members who were left homeless, and this is where Vanessa was born. She is happy that she and her mother have been able to live at Hope Center because it is safe and quiet and fun to play with many, many friends. Her mother sells things out of her house and she also makes soap. She sells the soap at market when there are teams at Hope Center. She is very thankful for the income, but it really isn’t enough for her to be able to afford to take care of Vanessa and pay for school at the same time. They are very thankful that BGM has now built a new school so that she can just walk right down the hill to go to school. She can’t wait for school to start!!