Birthday: December 19, 2009 Sponsorship #: 2019-00-030S

Fritznaider is a bright ten year old who has been asking for sponsorship for a LONG time. He and his brother have been waiting patiently to go to school, but their mother can’t afford to send them and they have no source of income to pay tuition. This year, they saved up a little money to register, which was the equivalent of $4, but if they don’t find a sponsor, they won’t be able to have a uniform made or pay tuition, so they will have to sit out of school yet another year. It’s heartbreaking. Fritznaider and his brother Sadarak live with their mother but they have not seen their father in eight years. He left them right after Sadrack was born. They now live in an area called Kago with their mother, four sisters, and four brothers. Fritznaider and his brother try very hard to keep a garden for their mother so the family can have food to eat. Sometimes they sell the produce, but usually they eat it. Fritznaider wants to be a famous writer one day. He loves to make up stories and one of his older siblings taught him how to read and write, so he makes up stories all the time and tries to write them down when he has paper to write on.  He enjoys playing soccer and wants to be a mason that builds houses to make money for his family. When asked if he loves Haiti, he said, “Yes. I love the wind that blows all the time and the beautiful sky and flowers. I love the sounds of God’s creation each morning when I wake up and hear goats bleating and the rooster crow. My country is very special.” When he said this, it was clear that he has a special gift.