Birthday: April 22, 2010 Sponsorship #: 2019-00-017HC

Joudeline is a beautiful nine year old who loves to smile. She lives with her mother, two sisters, and one brother in an area called Plachal near in the village of Galette Chambon. They all live in a house built by BGM that they rent. Her mother made Galette Chambon her home eighteen years ago when she met a man from Galette Chambon and they got married and had Joudeline’s older sister. After her other older sister was born their relationship began to unravel. Her husband moved to Port au Prince and tried to find work there. Her sisters both lived with their daddy and went to school in Port au Prince up until last year when their father died. Eventually, Joudeline’s mother met a new man and fell in love. That’s when Joudeline was born. Her father lived with them for five years, but he was often gone. He eventually left them and never came back not long after Joudeline’s little brother was born. They have not seen him since.  Joudeline’s mother has tried very hard to take care of her family and send Joudeline to school, but now it is very difficult. After her mother’s first husband died, the sisters were no longer able to stay in Port au Prince to attend school. They needed to move back to Galette Chambon to live with their mother. They were actually all happy about that because they all missed each other very much, but now there were five mouths to feed and no source of income. One big concern was how they would all go to school.  Their mother has no way of making money. The one father that did send them occasional support died and the other father has disappeared, so they don’t have any hope of going to school unless they have a sponsor. Their mother hopes to start a business selling things when all of her children are in school so she can feed her family. That won’t happen until all of her children are sponsored. She is desperately praying for sponsors.