Birthday: May 9, 2002
Sponsorship #: 2019-00-015HC

Wadline is a beautiful seventeen year old with a precious heart. She has big dreams and she believes God moved her here to Galette Chambon to make a way for her to go to school and be with her family. She lives in an area called Plachal near in the village of Galette Chambon. She has two sisters and one brother. They all live with their mother in a house built by BGM that they rent. Her mother made Galette Chambon her home eighteen years ago when she married Wadline’s father. The relationship began to unravel when Wadline was three years old after her younger sister was born. Their father moved to Port au Prince and tried to find work there. When Wadline and her sister were about 7 and 4 years old, they moved to lived with their father and began going to school in Port au Prince. Last year, their father died and the sisters were no longer able to stay in Port au Prince. They needed to move back to Galette Chambon to live with their mother. They were actually happy about that because they missed their mother and siblings very much. Their main concern was where they would go to school.  They went to a really good school in Port au Prince and they are so happy that they have the opportunity to go to a good school here in Galette Chambon as well. Wadline and her sister Sherly both want sponsors so bad. Their mother has no way of making money and their father is not alive to send them support either, so they don’t have any hope of going to school unless they have a sponsor. Wadline’s favorite subjects are mathematics and Natural Sciences. When she grows up she wants to become an Accountant.