Birthday: August 14, 2011
Sponsorship #: 2019-00-009J


Enise is a lively twelve year old from the village of Galette Chambon. She lives with her mother, three sisters, and two brothers. Her older sister and brothers were recently sponsored. The whole family received a house a few months ago, and they are all very thankful. Their father is a voodoo priest who does not live with them. After her mother became a Christian, she was forced to move away with the children. Although it is hard for them to survive on their own, they feel very blessed to have a good house, sponsorships for school, and a friend next door who helps them by sharing food with them. Enise is so excited about being able to go to school. She is now in the 9th grade and preparing to take her national exam!! She recently lost her sponsorship and she will need a new sponsor to continue school. It would be such a shame for her to have to drop from school after being sponsored all these years and finally making it to the 9th grade. Enise loves school and she loves her friends, and she loves it when American teams come to her village and host VBS. She and her family attend a local church in Galette Chambon and Enise loves to sing and sit with her friends at church. Enise doesn’t know what she wants to be when she grows up yet, but she looks forward to learning about herself and deciding what she wants to be.