Birthday: June 5, 2003
Sponsorship #: 2016-00-025JM

Thiana is a bright sixteen year old who lives in Hope Center Village with her mother, father, four brothers and four sisters. Her parents do not have full time employment. Her father takes whatever odd jobs he can find to support the family and her mother cares for the children at home. Thiana loves helping her mother take care of the children and their home. She is very thankful for the home they have at Hope Center because they lost everything in the earthquake when she was seven years old. She had prayed that God would make a way for her family to have their own home again because she knew a miracle was the only way they would get one. God heard her prayers and her family moved to a new house at Hope Center. Thiana loves living in Hope Center Village. She has many friends and her family is together and there are no protests and riots in her village. It is a simple life and a quiet life and she likes that. Her favorite subject in school is Science. When she grows up, she wants to become a flight attendant.