Birthday: February 12, 2004 Sponsorship #: 2018-00-135JHC

Lovelie is a lively fifteen year old whose life of frequent malnutrition has caused her to be slow in development and seem younger than she really is. She lives with her mother, three sisters, and two brothers. When she was six years old, her father died and her mother ended up moving in with a voodoo priest to help take care of her children. Her mother, however, recently became a new Christian and moved her children out of the home of the voodoo priest and God blessed her decision by providing her with a new house! She now has a new home and a new life with her children right next door to her best friend. Her mother does not have a source of income, so it is difficult for her to make ends meet. She relies on friends and family to help her support her children. She is praying that one day she can find a way to work to support her children without the help of others. Lovelie doesn’t let this difficult life get her down. She helps her mother with her siblings each day by helping wash dishes, clean house, and clean the dishes. She loves to play with her siblings and friends, study, eat, go to church, and sleep. Her favorite subject to study is social science, when she is able to go to school, that is. When she was seven years old, her brother became old enough for school, so Lovelie had to sit out. That is why she is so far behind in school. She had to give her brother a chance to start school, and their mother can’t afford to send any more than one child at a time to school. Lovelie wants desperately to be able to go to school without worrying if she will be able to continue the next year. She doesn’t want to get any farther behind in her education. She wants to one day become a doctor or a surgeon.

Sponsor #: 2018-00-135JHC
Age: 18
Grade: 5
Height: 66
Chest: 31
Waist: 27
Hips: 32
Foot “: 9.5
Shoe Size: WOMENS 8
Clothing Size: GIRLS 18 SLIM, JUNIORS 3-5, WOMENS 4
**Please note that each year, we depend on village volunteers whose understanding of the measuring process may create variations in accuracy. Often times, children do not know their age or birthday, and sometimes they measure smaller or larger because of illness. We do the best we can to give accurate updates, but there are cultural constraints that we cannot avoid. Also, these measurements were made in March of 2022. The child may or may not have promoted to the next grade by the 2022-2023 school year. Final exams had not been taken when the update was made. You can assume that the child will move on to the next grade up, but it is not guaranteed. Thank you for your understanding.