Birthday: August 6, 2001 
Sponsorship #: 2018-00-128M

Vednel is a seventeen year old from the village of Katrin about 5 miles from Galette Chambon. He and his two brothers and one sister walk every day to school. Because the high school meets every day from 1 in the afternoon until 5 in the afternoon, it is very late by the time they get home. They are thankful they can all walk together with a few friends as well. They want to go to the BGM high school because it is a very good school with a strong reputation and there is a sponsorship program that provides food as well. Vednel’s sister and brothers each have sponsors, but Vednel does not. His mother prays each day that one day Vednel will get a sponsor so that they can concentrate their income on basic family needs like food and shelter. Vednel’s mother doesn’t work and his father is subcontractor who does mason work, can install tile. He often finds work on construction projects in and around Galette Chambon, but it is not constant. Vednel absolutely loves and appreciates his school. His face just lights up when he has a chance to talk about his school. When asked what he does when he doesn’t have school, he just says, he doesn’t like it when he doesn’t have school. He just loves going to school. He wants to continue his education after high school by going to a university to become an accountant.