Birthday: April 12, 2008 Sponsorship #: 2018-00-110S

GUERDINA is a smart fourteen year old from the village of Dalgros near Galette Chambon who lives with her parents, two sisters, and five brothers. Her parents are merchants in the market. They do make enough money to feed their family, but it is not enough to pay for school. Guerdina wants a sponsor so that she doesn’t have to worry about how she can afford to go to school each year, and she also wants to have someone who is a friend in America. She thinks it is so cool how friends she knows gets letters and gifts from their sponsors “lot bo” (over the ocean). She isn’t jealous of them though. She knows that her day will come one day. She loves her village and she loves what the Americans do for her village. She says she knows that God does these things, but she is thankful that the Americans answered the call. When she grows up she wants to be a doctor.