Birthday: December 12, 2011 Sponsorship #: 2018-00-068JHC

Chaina is a quiet little six year old from the village of Plasman near Galette Chambon. She lives with her mother, sister, and two brothers. Her mother does not have a source of income, so it is very hard to afford to send her children to school. Thankfully, Chaina’s brothers already have sponsors and her sister is not yet old enough for school, but she will be next year. This year, Chaina’s mother cleaned houses to earn the money to pay for her school. However, that didn’t leave much money feed her family. The pretty much depend on the generosity of neighbors to eat each day. When Chaina is not in school, she loves to play with her friends, eat, study, and go to church. Her favorite subject is French. She says when she grows up, she wants to learn about rocks (Geology maybe?)