Birthday: September 16, 2013 Sponsorship #:  2018-00-104J  

Schnaider is a precious little five year old who lives with his father and three brothers in a small dirt house in the village of Galette Chambon. They have never been able to afford to go to school. His father saved up enough money this year to pay for his registration and his materials fee so he could start school, but he did not have the money to pay tuition. The school let the boys go ahead and start, but if he doesn’t pay the first installment of tuition by the end of October, he will not be able to continue. Their father works in the garden and raises pigs to sell at market. Schnaider says he does not know what his favorite subject is yet at school; he just loves to learn. He wants to learn EVERYTHING. When he grows up, he wants to drive a BIG truck and haul rock and sand for construction.