Birthday: 5 August 2015 Sponsorship #: 2018-00-100JHC

Dabenchy¬†is a happy little three year old who lives with his beautiful mom, Darlene, sister, and two brothers. They live in the village of Bwa Galette. His big brother goes to school already because he has a sponsor. His brother’s name is Lobens, and Dabenchy loves his brother so much. Now that Dabenchy is old enough for school, he desperately wants to go to school with is big brother. Dabenchy’s mother has no source of income. She was kicked out of her home three years ago when she became pregnant with Dabenchy because her parents had already been taking care of her and Lobens. She was not a Christian at the time, and so she sought shelter with a local voodoo family. We invited her to church and she eventually got saved! She decided to move out of the voodoo community and try to find somewhere else to live. She and her boys roamed the village begging people to help them find a place to stay. They finally found a place but it is an hour’s walk to school. She started walking Lobens to school yesterday on the first day of school. Now that Dabenchy is old enough, she feels like if they are both in school, she can sell garlic in the village while they are in school and try to support her little family. She is praying that her son will find a sponsor.