Birthday: April 25, 2014 Sponsorship #: 2018-00-096S

Widelande is a cute little four year old from the village of Galette Chambon who lives with her mama, daddy, two brothers and two sisters. Her mama is a vendor and her father is a voodoo priest that we have been praying for for four years. Many people in America prayed for her brother and sister who are twins. They were discovered malnourished and went to a center to regain their health. During this time their mother became a Christian, but we are still praying for daddy to be saved. Her family has endured much suffering . Widelande is a twin herself, but her twin died when they were six months old. Widelande went to a malnutrition center too after her twin sister died. We are thankful that Widelande survived and is now ready for school.Clearly this family struggles to survive, having each child in school gives them a good meal every day as well as a Christian education. We pray that as we minister to these children, their father will see God’s blessings and seek Christ. We have had several opportunities to show her father how God blesses His children and provides for Wilson’s family because his Christian wife PRAYS for God to meet their needs. Widelande’s father is oh, so close to accepting Christ as his personal Lord and Savior. In the meantime, we witness to him by showing his family love and grace as examples of the Love and Grace of our Savior Jesus Christ. We are believing for a miracle here. You can be a part of that miracle by being Widelande’s sponsor. Widelande loves to play with her friends and her puppy and she loves to color and eat. She also loves it when the American teams come visit and pray with her family and give her suckers. 🙂