Birthday: September 25, 2014 Sponsorship #: 2018-00-084J


Wandline is a sweet little four year old whose grandmother has been praying for her to find a sponsor so she can start school. Four years ago when Wandline was born, her mother died in child birth. Her father was killed in a moto accident before she was born. Her grandmother took her in to raise her as her own child from that point on. Wandline has two older sisters (Wanchise and Amantha) who are actually her cousins, but she thinks of them as her sisters. After Wandline was born, grandma would walk four hours each way to come to Hope Center to get powered milk for Wandline to keep her alive. She decided she needed to pack up the children and move to Galette Chambon for a fresh start hoping to get her two daughters into the sponsorship program so they could go to school. The village that she was living in at the time did not have many Christians, there was no church, and no way for her to make an income to pay for their school. She is very thankful that it didn’t take long for Wanchise and Amantha to get sponsors to go to school. They are very happy and making good grades.  It has been a hard four years for grandma, but she has managing. Now that Wandline is old enough to start school, grandma would really like to get her in school so she can try to find work. Wandline loves to color in coloring books with her sisters and she wants to learn to read.