Birthday: May 5, 2001 Sponsorship #: 2018-00-082JM

Divenson is a bright seventeen year old who comes from a very large family. He lives with his parents, two sisters, and seven brothers in the village of Gros Balanse near Galette Chambon. All of his brothers who are school age already have sponsors. His oldest sister is not in school and his baby sister hasn’t started school yet. Divenson has been praying for a sponsor for a very long time. Every time one of his brothers gets sponsored, he thinks maybe he will be next. He keeps having faith that one day someone will choose him too. This year Divenson had to sit out of school because he didn’t have a sponsor and his parents could not afford to send him to school. He has been doing odd jobs to try to save up tuition for the coming year, but he is running out of time and it isn’t easy to find work. His favorite subject is French, and when he grows up he wants to become an engineer and build hotels in Port au Prince. He loves to play with his friends, study, go to church, and pray. He is asking you to please consider helping him to continue school.