Birthday: November 12, 2006 Sponsorship #: 2018-00-011J

Davens is a hard working eleven year old from the village of Cargo near Galette Chambon. He lives with his grandmother, sister, and brother. His father lives in another village and works in a garden there. His mother is no longer living. Davens likes to work in the garden near his house to help his family have food. He also likes to do homework, study, and hang out with his friends. His favorite subject is mathematics. When he grows up, he wants to be either a teacher or a principal of a high school. Davens is thankful for the opportunity to go to school, but now that his brother and sister are old enough to go to school, he is worried that his father will not be able to afford to pay for all of them to go to school. He is afraid that he is going to be expected to sit out so that his siblings can go. He really wants to keep going so that he can make it on to the high school and work hard to make his dreams come true. He prays every day that God will make a way for his family.