Birthday: February 4, 2010 Sponsorship #: 2018-00-065J

Samson¬†is a bright and energetic ten year old with big dreams. He lives with his mother and father, three sisters, and three brothers in the village of Galette Chambon. His parents run a small store in the village that struggles to stay open, but they work hard to keep it. This year his parents did manage to pay for his school and his brother’s school, but next year they have a brother and sister who will be ready for school and they might have to sit out a year so their brother and sister can go to school. Samson loves school and his favorite subjects are mathematics and French. When he grows up, he wants to be a politician and public speaker. When he’s not in school, he enjoys eating, sleeping, playing with friends, going to church, and studying. Samson says he loves all of the beauty of his country of Haiti and he loves that the Americans came to his village and help his community. He would love to work with them one day.