Birthday: May 20, 2004 Sponsorship #: 2018-00-053M

Minouse¬†is a gentle spirited fourteen year old from the village of Galette Chambon who lives with her mother and six sisters. Their father died two years ago and their mother struggles to make ends meet. She has tried cooking and selling food to provide for her family, but she doesn’t make enough to pay for all of her children’s school. They depend upon their grandfather to help them go to school, but not all of her siblings can go at the same time. For the last two years, three of her sisters have had to sit out of school so that Minouse and two of her sisters can go. Minouse feels bad that she is in school and her sisters are not able to go, but she also knows that next year, it might be her turn to sit out. That worries her because she wants to be a nurse one day and she knows it will take a very long time for her to realize her dream if she has to sit out of school. She prays every day that she and her sisters can all have sponsors so they can all go to school at the same time.