Birthday: June 10, 2014 Sponsorship #: 2018-00-057S

Jodney is a spunky little four year old who loves to play soccer and play in the dirt with his friends. He lives with his mother, father, and brother in the village of Place Charles near Galette Chambon. His mother teaches at the school and his father does not have a job right now because he was injured working as a mason a few months ago. With his father being out of work, it has put a big strain on their family to make ends meet. They were able to pay for Jodney and his brother to go school last year, but if his father doesn’t get better so he can go back to work, Jodney will probably have to sit out of school so his brother can go. Jodney has big dreams of becoming a doctor one day. He never thought he would ever be able to have hope of becoming a doctor, but he says that as long as he can go to school, he will work hard and make good grades to become a doctor one day.