Birthday: April 19, 2015 Sponsorship #: 2018-00-054S

Francia is an energetic three year old who loves to be the center of attention. She is very outspoken and strong-willed which makes it very believable that she wants to one day become a lawyer. She may be little, but she knows her future is bright! She lives in the village of Galette Chambon with her mother, father, sister, and brother. Her parents are farmers but do not make much money working the small plot of land that they have. Their farm is often destroyed by drought, disease, or flooding, so it becomes very difficult for them to support their family and make ends meet. Francia loves to play with her friends and color on coloring pages. Her mother says that she knows that Francia has the potential to become what she wants to become as long as she is able to continue in school. The only way she will be guaranteed that is if she has a sponsor. She is praying that this happens soon.