Birthday: 29 March 1999 Sponsorship #: 2018-00-043M

Jefty: is a smart, hard working, and quiet 17 year old who lives with his sister and nephew at Hope Center village in Galette Chambon. He moved to Hope Center village with is grandmother after the 2010 earthquake when BGM started building houses for those in the tent city. He tried to continue going back and forth to Port au Prince for school for a while, but the cost of transportation and tuition was too much for him to afford. Once he reached a point that he was ready for the national exam and he felt like he could do well in the BGM school, he came to us and asked if he could be put in the program to switch. His grandmother has since moved back to live with family in Port au Prince, and Jefty and his sister have continued to live at Hope Center. They have no source of permanent income other than odd jobs in the village. He is so smart and just needs to finish school so he can get a job to help support them. He is excited about the opportunity to go to Moliere’s school next year.