Birthday: June 7, 2004 Sponsorship #: 2018-00-118SM

Frantzdya¬†is a bright thirteen year old with dreams of becoming a nurse. She has been waiting to get on the sponsorship list for two years and she is excited that she finally gets her turn to find a sponsor. She lives with her sister and brother and mother in the village of Michel near Galette Chambon. Her mother does not have a dependable source of income, so they struggle to make ends meet.Frantzdya has managed to stay in school over the last few years by helping her mother clean houses when she can. It is hard, however, for her to get her homework done and study when she works long hours with her mother. She knows she has to make good grades though if she is going to make it to nursing school, so she works really hard. Her brother and sister both have sponsors, so she knows it will be a huge burden off of her mother if she can get a sponsor too so her mother doesn’t have to worry about how her children will go to school.