Birthday: April 3, 2009 Sponsorship #: 2018-00-026S

Mykenda is a spunky little seven year old with a huge desire to learn. She lives in the village of Dal Gros with her mother, father, five brothers, and two sisters. Her father drives a tap tap, and her mother goes through the village selling suckers. She doesn’t make much, but kids love to buy suckers from her! Mykenda loves to read. She even reads when she has free time. She says that she learns so much when she reads. She also loves to read to others. Sometimes she goes to visit old people who live near her and she reads to them. She also reads to her little brother who probably doesn’t know what she is saying. If she doesn’t have a person to read to, she will read to the birds or the goats. She absolutely loves to read. When she grows up, she wants to become a teacher so that she can teach others her love of reading.