Birthday: January 26, 2012 Sponsorship #: 2018-00-024JHC

Douane¬†is a lively little six year old with a passion for friendship. Douane considers himself a friend to everyone he knows and he wants more and more friends. He is from the village of Gwo Balanse near Galette Chambon and he lives with his mother, two sisters, and four brothers. One of those brothers is known by many team members who have come to serve at Hope Center in Haiti, Johnny!! Johnny is pretty much the main bread winner at his house because he is the oldest boy. Their mother suffers from severe high blood pressure that often causes her to spend days at a time in bed with a headache. Johnny does as much as he can to make money working with teams at Hope Center as well as keeping a garden and various livestock at the house, but it is impossible for Johnny to pay for any of his siblings’ school. He has to go to school himself! All of his other siblings are sponsored except Douane. Douane is most excited about the possibility of going to school because he knows he will make many more friends there. He doesn’t know what he wants to be when he grows up just yet, but whatever it is, he knows it will be dealing with people.