Birthday: June 3, 2010 Sponsorship #: 2018-00-022JHC

Jalanda is the sweet little sister of Jovensky, Edson, and Redondo that many teams know. Teams have come to know and love this whole family as they have come to know their story. Jalanda is actually their adopted sister. Her mother was the best friend of the boys’ mom, and when she died years ago, their mother adopted her. She has been their sister ever since. The family has been experiencing hard times lately as their father moved out of the house then abused their mother and told her she could not live in the house. So the children have been living in their house all alone for several months. They have a younger brother who has cerebral palsy and he stays at home alone or with neighbors while the children are at school. They go hungry all the time because they don’t have any parent staying there with them in the house. Redondo (age 15) takes care of them all. BUT GOD is moving in their lives. So far, all of the children have now found sponsors, and teams are raising funds to build them a house so that their mother can return to them and they can live safely as a family again.