Birthday: June 15, 2003 Sponsorship #: 2018-00-003JM

Redondo¬†is the oldest of five children. He is fifteen years old and he is the only child in the family that is not sponsored. We discovered today that Redondo is the primary care giver to his four siblings, one of which is a special needs child with cerebral palsy. Recently Redondo’s mother decided she needed to flee the village in fear for her life because her husband, their father, was beating her severely. After the mother fled, the father started staying days at a time in Port au Prince with his girlfriend, leaving the children alone at home to take care of themselves. The children go from house to house asking neighbors if they can eat. They are just surviving. Redondo really needs a sponsor so he doesn’t have to worry about school and so he can get a hot meal every day at school.