Birthday: November 4, 2005 Sponsor #: 2018-00-123S

Wilnise is a lively eleven year old who loves her family and friends. She is actually the older half sister of the twins Evensly and Evelyne born to Wilson & Mirlande in our village. Some of you may follow their story. Wilnise lives with her mother who, after years of living as the wife of a voodoo priest, became a Christian and took her daughter and sought refuge with family members who are Christians. Because of this, Wilnise has been raise by a Christian family who is active in their church. Her mother has now remarried and Wilnise now has six sisters and four brothers! Her mother works in a large garden with her parents (Wilnise’s grandparents) and they try hard to support their large family. Her step father is a farmer too. Wilnise does currently go to school, but it is very hard for her family to afford school for all of the children. Wilnise really would love a sponsor so that she doesn’t have to worry about whether or not she is going to be able to go to school each year. Her favorite subjects are mathematics and French. In her free time, she likes to play with friends, go to church, and study.